People say that when a person works with art, that person is an artist.
The terms of art are never defined or definite; they are always blurred and in continuous change.
Working in the field of visual art I think I should call myself an artist.
But from a certain point of view I would prefer not to define myself an artist: I'd rather say I am someone who deals with diverse and different disciplines which can be considered art.
Working in different fields is a large commitment but it also implies receiving the criticism of those who see this movement from one discipline to the other as lack of steady beliefs and precise ideas.
This is a criticism I have sometimes heard.
I do NOT agree: In the past there have been many people well known and famous or much less known who have often operated in different and many disciplines with reasonable results.
The process which concerns my activities in art, design, architecture, music and cinema isn't separated in distinct sealed compartments.
The differences one might notice are only apparent.
The various fields in which I work are of the same kind and emerge from the same feeling but proceed undoubtedly with different techniques that complete themselves and demonstrate the necessary and different essence of each discipline.
An element which was taken to my notice and that often has been brought to me as a criticism for many years, is that I also am inspired by oriental art.
I'll immediately give an example of this.
My music partitions may be related to the Indian and Tibetan Mandala and Yantra, supposing that my music in its intentionality may have some elements in common with oriental music: but if you listen to it, there is really nothing oriental about it.
In the same way recalls from oriental art are present in other works.
Even if what I create is related to different disciplines and to oriental art (as has often happened in our culture) these remain technically and visually occidental products and I doubt anyone could define them distant from our culture.

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