Especially in another article written in 1985 entitled "The profile of a watch" again published on "la musica" , a "monthly magazine of contemporary music" I tried to give a meaning and an order for the historical development of music belonging to the second half of the twentieth century: in that period writing such an article was like clearing to myself what a logical progressive link of the development of music really was: today, nearly twenty years after these ideas, reading what I had written, I think that historical formula is still valid and that time has proven me right.

In the last years besides to continue the activity delineated bifore, I began to study colors of marbles and natural stones, and I realized various project designing interir home floors, coverings and linings made just with marbles and stones: here some exemples.

Year 1998 external garden wall covered with marbles and stones

Years 1999/2000 home floors: details

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