In the theatrical context -these were years of experimentation and of alternative groups- I can mention one of my directors and producers Aldo Rostagno, for example.
The only two shows represented in Florence in 1974/1975 were called "THE RAW AND THE COOKED" (il crudo e il cotto) and "THE REMAINS OF THE DAY BEFORE" (gli avanzi del giorno prima).

In 1980 I decided to found my own discographic label in order to produce my music.
But what gave me the financial help to deal with "the rest" was my profession as an architect.
There have been periods during which, due to many compelling matters, my profession didn't leave me much time for other interests but I have never left the entire complex of my operative interests.

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Here are some small examples of various disciplines.

My works of art reproduced here - some of which I consider work in progress - have mixed techniques and go over a long period of time.

The graphic reproductions refer to hypotheses, projects, and realization of architecture and furnishing etc...

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